“I love the fact I’m working with my hands and producing something, but you’ve got to be mentally fit to survive it… Rural [Australia] is slowly dying, communities are getting smaller, support is getting less. But every day the sun comes up. You just get back into it and do it.”

– David Jochinke, President Victorian Farmers Federation


These photographs are from my travels around the Riverina region of south-western New South Wales, taken in the summer of 2015.  The series is void of people but the images speak of the unspoken histories and experiences of those living here and their symbiotic relationship with the land.

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Riverina Colour (1-7), Riverina B&W (1-2) 594 x 420 mm.
Pigment prints on archival cotton rag paper.
Limited edition prints available framed or unmounted.  Please contact ricky@rickylloyd.com for more information.