I love to walk, I love to wander, I love to delve and discover.  I walk with an exploratory playfulness to encounter new and authentic experiences.  I am a psychogeographer, a dériver (a drifter) and these photographs are the visual culmination of my drifts.

This series of images was photographed in the winter of 2016.  Each photograph was taken on an early morning walk around my home in Queanbeyan.

Drifts transforms the everyday urban environment into a place of wonder, with each photograph alluding to the unspoken stories and lives of those living here.

The images are filled with a paradoxical duality – they are ordinary, everyday scenes yet simultaneously they are captivating and surreal.

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Drifts (1-16) 830 x 570 mm.
Pigment prints on archival cotton rag paper.
Limited edition prints available framed or unmounted.  Please contact ricky@rickylloyd.com for more information.